Newton's Files and Stuff

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Also new content and big stuff.

HP21xx MiniComputer Projects including a PTR emulator and IDE/USB disk interfaces.

Patched Great Cow Basic microcontroller compiler used for the USB disk adapter.

Files related to evolving core warriors.

Off-line Core War Hills for coresize 800 and 8000 warriors.

A port of Mystery Mansion for Dos/Windows and Linux.

Sony COM-2 stuff including a BASIC interpreter.

A recording adapter for connecting old tube audio devices to a computer.

ampmods.pdf (6mb updated 5/12/2016) - Documentation of various guitar amp mods I've done.

bang.txt - Thoughts about the "Big Bang".

Here is a mirror of the infionline wtnewton pages. (many of the links are now dead)

Computer Stuff  Gnome 3 Stuff  Ubuntu Stuff

Capacitor test circuit - Galaxy - Stars

More stuff about Embedded Processors.

Stuff about Audio and Electronics.

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