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"hpiplos.html"  docs for the core HP-IPL/OS words (oot)
"building.html"  describes how to build a HP-IPL/OS system (oot)
"changes.txt"  describes changes over time
"summary.txt"  short descriptions of most words and other docs
"ipl_notes.txt"  short descriptions of IPL packages in the zip, other IPL code
"buildinfo.txt"  information about current main builds
"ide_buildinfo.txt"  info about the current IDE builds
"hpos_disk.txt"  (outdated) documents disk ops and development of XDOS
"hpasm.txt"  (outdated) describes using HPASM
"utils.txt"  from the PC utilities package

IPL Files

"1dca.ipl.txt"  one-dimensional cellular automata generator
"7900.ipl.txt"  7900 disk driver
"7906.ipl.txt"  7906 disk driver
"8kextra.ipl.txt"  common words for 8KW build
"a2l.ipl.txt"  (outdated) utilities for copying alt.mem. to/from a library file (req's lib2)
"altutil.ipl.txt"  DMS words for loading and saving ABS files
"baci.ipl.txt"  BACI serial port driver
"basconv.ipl.txt"  converts text attached to PTR to PRINT code for BASIC
"bigshift.ipl.txt"  words for shifting 32-bit values
"binpatch.ipl.txt"  a utility for altering device I/O addresses in binary code
"bkfile.ipl.txt"  saves/restores encoded files to/from the console (req's conalt)
"bugs.ipl.txt"  2 bugs randomly traversing the screen
"capslock.ipl.txt"  allows typing commands in lower-case, apps see UC input
"cfge.ipl.txt"  allows setting TTY/BACI slot and default console from switches
"conalt.ipl.txt"  dumps alt mem or system to console, permits pasting back
"config.ipl.txt"  allows changing slot assignments and default console
"congen.ipl.txt"  dumps system in memory to console as encoded text
"create.ipl.txt"  assembles machine-coded words
"csboot.ipl.txt"  boots a CS80 disk
"cylons.ipl.txt"  switch lights that move back and forth
"debug.ipl.txt"  allows single-stepping IPL code with stack dump functions
"dhelp.ipl.txt"  help screen for disk operations
"disk.ipl.txt"  device-independent interface to the actual disk driver
"dmenu.ipl.txt"  a disk menu that can run binaries and save basic programs
"dm2.ipl.txt"  a disk menu for MSU BASIC (req's altutils, fcam, msupatch, sham)
"dms.ipl.txt"  Dynamic Mapping System for accessing more than 32KW
"double.ipl.txt"  32-bit integer math words
"ecal.ipl.txt"  electronics calculator (req's FP)
"edit.ipl.txt"  line-based file editor (req's disk/xdos/sfs)
"editold.ipl.txt"  original (slow) version of the SFS line editor
"extra.ipl.txt"  common words for 16KW/32KW builds
"fcam.ipl.txt"  utilities for saving alt mem or disk binary as ABS (req's altutil)
"fed.ipl.txt"  full-screen alt-mem "array" text editor with disk load/save words
"fedutil.ipl.txt"  utilities for converting regular text to and from array format
"fixfst.ipl.txt"  decodes (some) untarred files from FST (Interex) archives
"float.ipl.txt"  core floating point words
"floatext.ipl.txt"  FP conversions and extra functions
"games.ipl.txt"  old "test" programs
"hp2645.ipl.txt"  words for the HP2645 terminal
"hpib.ipl.txt"  HPIB driver
"hpscreen.ipl.txt"  newer version of screen.ipl that does HP terms too
"ide.ipl.txt"  driver for Bob's IDE disk interface
"internal.ipl.txt"  for altering words included in the kernel
"ldenc.ipl.txt"  loads encoded binary text dumps from MS input (PTR)
"lib.ipl.txt"  (outdated) an experimental SFS "library" system (slow)
"lib2.ipl.txt"  (outdated) a still experimental SFS "library" system (but much faster)
"life.ipl.txt"  Conway's Game of Life with cell editor and random mode
"log2abs.ipl.txt"  converts encoded binary text dumps into ABS files
"magtape.ipl.txt"  7970 magtape driver
"maze.ipl.txt"  a maze game
"mkbcs.ipl.txt"  outputs a simh script for making multi-module BCS projects
"mkcldr.ipl.txt"  converts high mem machine code into CREATE code
"mkhpasm.ipl.txt"  converts IPL code into assembly to insert into kernel source
"mkldr.ipl.txt"  converts high mem machine code into IPL code
"mkword.ipl.txt"  mechanism for defining multiword "programs" into one word
"ms2l.ipl.txt"  (outdated) permits copying IPL's from MS to a library file (lib/lib2.ipl)
"msscan.ipl.txt"  code for scanning MS stream (modified version used in lib.ipl)
"msupatch.ipl.txt"  utility for patching 31KW MSU BASIC binaries
"mt2f.ipl.txt"  a little utility that copies magtape files to disk files
"mtbackup.ipl.txt"  copies PTR to magtape files, magtape files to PTP
"mtextra.ipl.txt"  a simple magtape operating system
"n_rocks.ipl.txt"  demo program for the XY display
"nolf.ipl.txt"  makes HP-IPL/OS ignore LF's (like when playing with BCS stuff)
"oct14.ipl.txt"  Octapus-E for 8KW build
"oct34.ipl.txt"  Octapus-E for 16KW build
"oct70.ipl.txt"  Octapus-E for 32KW build
"print.ipl.txt"  printer driver, can echo console I/O to a printer
"rcontrol.ipl.txt"  (outdated) old disk menu used for running TSB-E utilities
"screen.ipl.txt"  ANSI screen commands
"sfs.ipl.txt"  provides serial/random access to named SFS disk files
"sfslib.ipl.txt"  a new library system for SFS, replaces lib2/a2l/ms2l
"sfsutils.ipl.txt"  file copy/move and other extras for SFS
"sham.ipl.txt"  a utility for dumping/restoring alt.mem. in octal and text
"siobcs.ipl.txt"  words for operating SIO/BCS tools stored as disk files
"sioutil.ipl.txt"  permits repatching of prepared 16K SIO driver
"smallconfig.ipl.txt"  a basic config that just does TTY PTR PTP TBG and 790x slots
"smallcre.ipl.txt"  a smaller machine-coded word creator
"tbg.ipl.txt"  Time Base Generator driver
"tdos.ipl.txt"  (outdated) "trivial" disk operating system
"tutils.ipl.txt"  (outdated) test code for trivial dos
"tsbe.ipl.txt"  words for patching and running TSB-E from HP-IPL/OS
"ttyscan.ipl.txt"  crude keystroke detection
"version.ipl.txt"  allows changing version string displayed on startup
"xdos.ipl.txt"  "example" disk operating system (SFS format)
"xi79.ipl.txt"  (outdated) alternate SFS formatter for 7900 disk
"xutils.ipl.txt"  import/export/recovery/SFS formatter for XDOS
"vdos.ipl.txt"  base VDOS for accessing files using the VDRIVE interface (oot)
"vdosext.ipl.txt"  extra VDOS words for loading, copying, attaching, etc (oot)
"vintage.ipl.txt"  words for using VDOS to operate vintage compiler tools (oot)

Assembly Files

"7900ldr.hpa.txt"  contents of 7900.ipl's binary load/run code
"7900_m.hpa.txt"  old code that boots a 7900 disk (edit for slots)
"7900_bd1.hpa.txt"  code that boots a 7900 drive 1 fixed platter (edit for slots)
"7900bext.asm.txt"  boot extension for 7900 disk - loads/runs binary from boot area
"7906ldr.hpa.txt"  contents of 7906.ipl's binary load/run code
"7906bext.asm.txt"  boot extension for 7906 disk
"csboot.hpa.txt"  contents of csboot.ipl, boots a CS-80 disk (edit for slots)
"dmsexit3.hpa.txt"  used in dms.ipl, swaps system to/from alternate memory
"hpiplos1.asm.txt"  source code for the HP-IPL/OS kernel
"ideboot.hpa.txt"  code that boots an IDE-interface disk
"ideldfb.hpa.txt"  contents of ide.ipl's binary load/run code
"oct-d.asm.txt"  source for Octapus-D (stand-alone - from partial typed-in listing)
"oct-e.asm.txt"  source for Octapus-E (requires HP-IPL/OS for I/O)
"octapus-c.txt"  source and docs for original Octapus-C

Firmware/Hardware Files

"hpideusb.asm.txt"  8052 asm source for IDE/VDRIVE adapter (oot)
"autoptr.asm.txt"  8052 asm source to make the VDRIVE send the boot file (oot)
"hpide_schem.gif"  schematic of the IDE adapter (oot)
"hpide_schem_notes.txt"  notes about the IDE/VDRIVE circuit (oot)
"hpusb.gcb.txt" and "gcboot.gcb.txt"  source code for USB disk adapter (oot)
"hpusb.txt"  notes about the USB disk adapter firmware (oot)
"usbadapter3_processor.jpg" and "usbadapter3_inputoutput.jpg"  schematics (oot)
"readme_usbadapt.txt"  notes about the hardware and VDOS builds (oot)
"ptremu_s.gif"  schematic for a simple serial PTR emulator (oot)
"ptremu.hex.txt" and "ptremu.dis.txt"  firmware for the PTR emulator (oot)

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