Paper - Stone - Scissors Trilogy

Many warriors fit well into the following categories: bomber, scanner, replicator, vampire, imp or hybrid warriors. Each of these categories has its own advantages and disadvantages. They are by far considered as the most successful ones. It is interesting to note that the result of their interplay is analogous to that of traditional Paper-Stone-Scissors game where paper beats stone, stone beats scissors and scissors beat paper. Hence, they sometime are also referred to either paper, stone, or scissors warriors depending upon their interplay role.

Stone warriors are sometime called dwarfs because of their small size. They are designed to win over those that have bigger size and operate only in a single module as they are. Falling into this category are bombers.
Paper warriors are those whose progress is to maximize the number of their modules. The key point here is to endure their own survival as much as possible. Replicators are the perfect association for paper warriors. Not only do they run in more than one module, but also they multiply in number. Paper warriors can easily overrun any stone warriors.
Scissors warriors are those that are designed to catch paper warriors. They can do this by stalling all exposed modules of paper warriors before destroying them. They however cannot match the speed of the smaller stone warriors. Falling into this category are: scanners and vampires.
This kind of warrior does not fit within the framework of Paper-Stone-Scissors analog. They become very useful when they are used in conjunction with any other kind of warrior. For richer details about imp, refer to Steven Morell's chapter 1 book.
Hybrid Warrior
This kind of warrior is the result from interbreeding warriors of the aforementioned categories. Their effectiveness is pretty much the average between any two extremes. For example, the result of stone-scissors hybrid warrior could be it plays better against pure paper but worse against pure stone and pure scissors.

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