Core War Files

pmars-0.8.6-binaries.tar.gz - Linux/x86 binaries for pmars and pmarsv 0.8.6
pmars-0.8.6-source.tar.gz - source for pmars 0.8.6 used to compile the binaries
(same as source from other than config changes)
pmars092N.tar.gz - patched version of pmars/pmarsv 0.9.2 with continuation fix
(includes DosEmu/FreeDos pmars and Linux/x86 pmars/pmarsv binaries)
pmars092N3.tar.gz - patched pmars/pmarsv 0.9.2 w/64-bit Linux binaries
pmars-0.9.2-5sdlN.tar.gz - SDL version w/64-bit Linux binaries, slightly mod'd to slow it down
rebs14.tar.gz - REBS evolver version 1.4 (bash/Linux/Cygwin)
Archived REBS page - animated view of a soup of REBS creatures
- describes the corewar-related script tools I use on my 701SD
redmixer.html - RedMixer evolver (QBasic/Dos/Windows/FreeBasic/Linux)
testall.bat.txt and testaset.bat.txt - Batches for generating a warrior report
test800b.bat.txt and testbats.txt and warbench.txt - More corewar tools
cwevol.html - A document about evolving warriors using RedMixer
smallevo.html - Small Corewar Evolvers (QBasic/Dos/Blassic/Windows/Linux)
maezumo.html - mods for Maezumo including a Linux version
mevo.html - a Multi-threaded Evolver (FreeBasic/Windows/Linux)
yabevolver.html - Yet another basic Evolver (yabasic/Linux) - for faster shelling of binaries under Windows - warriors I've evolved (and a couple I wrote)
konsolenote.html - a note about Konsole for KDE 4
cwscripts.html - corewar scripts for Linux

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