This batch "crams" multiple files into one text file.
At least one filemask must be specified - watch out for
*.* when the destination file is in the same directory.
Use like:  cram compound.fil *.txt *.bat *.uue
--------------- file CRAM.BAT (cut) -------------------
@echo off
if '%1=='LooP goto %2
set prgname=%0
set destfile=%1
if '%2==' goto help
if not exist %2 goto error
if '%1==' goto finish
for %%i in (%1) do call %prgname% LooP addfile %%i
goto cloop
echo Bad filemask, no files to cram
echo CRAM destfile mask [mask] [mask...]
echo Appends files specified by masks to destfile
goto cleanup
echo ---------------- end of files ----------------->>%destfile%
set prgname=
set destfile=
goto done
echo ------------------  File %3 ------------------------->>%destfile%
type %3>>%destfile%