CHKINT.BAT (C) 1995 Terry Newton
This is a program to check interrupt vectors to see if they
have changed since the last time CHKINT was run.
Place the line 'CALL CHKINT.BAT' somewhere in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file. If you have any 'choice loads' where you might load or
not load a TSR, put it before them to avoid constant alerts.
If anything changes you will be notified and given a chance to
update the data file, which is stored in the current directory.
To keep this and its data file in another directory,
use something like...
cd \chkint
call chkint.bat
cd \
The save file is called CHKINT.SAV - Normally this will be the
only data file. If there is a difference the file CHKINT.REP
contains the current vectors and CHKINT.DIF lists the differences.
------------------  File CHKINT.BAT -------------------------
@echo off
:: CHKINT.BAT (C) 1995 Terry Newton
:: uses debug to check interrupt vectors
:: requires DOS 6
echo d 0000:0000 0200>chkint$.$
echo q>>chkint$.$
del chkint$.$
if exist chkint.sav goto compare
move chkint.rep chkint.sav>nul
echo Interrupt vectors saved.
goto done
fc chkint.rep chkint.sav>chkint.dif
find "no difference"<chkint.dif>nul
if not errorlevel 1 goto ok
echo Interrupt vectors have changed!
echo Is this a legal change?
choice /c:ny>nul
if errorlevel 2 goto init
goto done
echo Interupt vectors OK.
del chkint.rep
del chkint.dif