Atari 800XL Source Code...

The files in this directory have been converted from the original source
listings using the at2pc.bas program, as the original files are almost
impossible to view on a modern computer. These files cannot be reloaded
back into the Atari emulation, they are meant only for viewing on a PC.

The Atari used $9B as the end-of-line character, these are replaced with
the usual CR LF sequence. Atari programs often use reverse text and embedded
screen control and graphics characters, the most common codes have been
replaced with similar-looking Unicode (UTF-8) characters. There is no easy
way to get reverse text so this is indicated by [Reverse] text [Normal].

Control character conversions...
$7D --> ↰    (E286B0)	Clear screen
$FE --> ◀    (E29780)	Delete character from right
$1C --> ↑    (E28691)	Cursor up
$1D --> ↓    (E28693)	Cursor down
$1E --> ←    (E28690)	Cursor left
$1F --> →    (E28692)	Cursor right

Graphics character conversions...
$11 --> ┌    (E2948C)
$12 --> ─    (E29480)
$05 --> ┐    (E29490)
$1A --> └    (E29494)
$03 --> ┘    (E29498)
$01 --> ├    (E2949C)
$13 --> ┼    (E294BC)
$04 --> ┤    (E294A4)
$17 --> ┬    (E294AC)
$18 --> ┴    (E294B4)

More conversions are possible but stopped there as that covered just about
everything I used. Anything not recognized is converted to [$xx] where xx
is the hex character code.

The at2pc.bas program is written in QBasic, the most stable programming
language I use (:-). The program can be compiled for just about any x86
Linux or Windows computer using the FreeBasic compiler. The logic is
quite simple, shouldn't be difficult to convert it to just about any
programming language that can read and write arbitrary bytes.

2/25/21 - updated at2pc2.bas program...

This updated version of the converter can output HTML directly, so it can
use CSS codes to properly reverse text instead of [Reverse] [Normal] tags.

Also does a few more conversions...
$0D --> ▔ (E29694)
$0E --> ▂ (E29682)
$14 --> ● (E2978F)
$19 --> ▌ (E2968C)
$1B --> ␛ (esc E2909B)
$7E --> ◂ (E29782, replaces $FE code)
$7F --> ▸ (E296B8)

Reversed control codes look more Atari-like in HTML mode.